Posted by: Asmodeus | February 17, 2008

I quit for real!

WOOO whats the point? Most of the dudes i knew forgot me.Everyone did,im bored doing stuff for no one,i dont want to waste my life for nothing.Would you like it to work hard for 8 months and get nothing back?NO YOU WOULDNT!Only a few people are still my friends from summer, and didnt become air heads like some others did. Whenever i say something no one agree’s with me but if someone else says it who has over 100 000 hits everyone agrees with him. GET IT RIGHT! EVERYONE IS THE SAME SHIT!NO CLUB PENGUIN GODS NO NOTHING!





  1. 😮
    omg why
    But dont, but still come on MSN!!!!!

  2. Everyone has to move on….
    you dont have to remember us but we will remember you!



    Cya, take care.

  4. ice u fuckin r tard i knew u would do something fucked up like this lol.but anyways if u quit everything u did would be pointless.also u will lose friends like me lol think of the good times!stay dont leave u fuckin tarur friend

  5. We’ll miss you…

  6. once again…
    we’ll miss you

  7. and again..
    no jk


  8. ………….
    no what?

  9. NOOOOOO!! DONT QUIT!!! 😥 😦

  10. no ice dont quit!!!
    Your site is cool!

    ~your friend spiros~


  12. Watex isnt it?

  13. Hi,,,your right…there are a bunch of followers on here and they cant think for themselves…watex stinks he thinks he is a God and people follow him around like he is….sad….

  14. Watex?

  15. what?

  16. Holla!

    Don’t you dare. Even though I respect your reason, take my fucking advice. Make this blog something you enjoy, do something with it. Don’t just sit back and call it quits.

    If you do quit, I know that I have wasted 8 months. 8 months that I thought I had an amazing friend. He just turned out to be a loser & quitter.

    Cya Ice, I hope something came from this comment.



  17. i didnt quit. I said what i think about it. Its not right to quit after all u did.. U still have some true friends.. And anything could happen one day like i told ya..
    Bye 😥

  18. dude u knew about this post 10 mins before i posted it, remember what i told u on msn? if u dont let me remind u y should i continue on something i wasted my life on?

  19. Hi.
    So you just throwing away 8 Months of work and effort?

    You picked up something and made it big and then when it got too big, and you couldnt handle it, you dropped it.

    Your posts are always interesting! No more of those and this blog is like :S

    Lol you even made an awesome Magazine, and No one will be seeing those again.

    Quit all you want, Forget us, but we wont forget you.

    ~ Mr Funguin.

  20. @ funguin

    your comment is a compine of aguairs and gooners comment, and who told u i cant handle it? i can im just sick of this situation happening all the time( the one with ppl over 100 000 hits)

  21. Right, WE won’t forget your cool interseting posts.

    Why don’t you make it a non cp blog?

  22. Holla!

    Lynne – I told him this, he didn’t listen.

    Im surprised I still come here. I wasted my time coming to a quitters blog. I may have said to quit, but I stayed for others, not for myself.


  23. yay comment number 23.
    Ps dont quit

  24. ag shut up lol, i know your saying that to make me sad and come back 😛

  25. Holla!

    Exactly! Don’t you understand? We don’t want you to quit!


  26. go on msn or xat

  27. DUDE DO NOT LEAVE US!!!!!!!!!
    U ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but u have to do wut ya have to do




  30. Is Aguair ok?

  31. my hits suck now i got 100 k on feb 7 now i only have 103,000! Goodye Ice 😥

  32. Holla!

    Lilguy is taking a ragi.

    Dont even know what he’s saying.

  33. y are u guys fighting?

  34. Holla!

    You! Joke.

    But since you have quit, you have now been removed from my blog. Sorry, but I need active editors.


  35. Come on man!Don’t quit at all!Noone likes quitters!So plz stay!

  36. bye! 😛

  37. Hi! Is there any reason to quit?

    You would not have waste time because you only need an hour to maintain this site ad it is pretty meaningful and it’s fun too!

    You have come so far. Don’t look back now… : (

  38. This time, you’re right. CP isn’t very cool anymore, sorry that I swore… It was my sister trough…
    I would do the same thing!

  39. Yo. You should be happy! Look at my situation:

    14 of these people DON’T EVEN COMMENT ON MY SITE

    I started about a month or 2 before you and everybody knows you

    You’re a user on Mohd’s blog

    You have 34,851 views and I only have about 19,000.

    Some people would call it “well known”, and others would call it “friendly”. But do you know the right word (even if I don’t use it)? FAMOUS. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t an insult, it’s just a killer killing.

    How about this: a Yo Momma contest. I win, you don’t quit. You win, you quit.

  40. @yank:
    about the user on mohd, since mohd only cares about his hits and asks everyone to comment and became a hits addict,and doesnt listen to me and what others say i asked hi yo guys to delete me from admin.

  41. and yank i never cared bout my hits, i was blogging for fun and make friends not to get famous and have hits, cause that would be useless. because u will stop playing cp one day so its like wasting your time doing nothing to archive nothing

  42. I’ve been touched…by your avatar. Lol. The Grim Reaper’s touch makes people die, and you’ve touched me. I’ve learned a lesson here today:
    Elmo is retarded. But more important than that, I’ve learnnnn…ZZZ.

  43. whos elmo lol

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