Posted by: Asmodeus | February 4, 2008


First i downloaded something , when i deleted it it said it couldnt, i opened command prompt , i typed some commands , i restarted and then i could delete the file i downloaded.BUT. Adobe Photoshop CS3, Macromedia flash 8 professional, Adobe Bridge CS3 and Adobe Stock Photos CS3 got deleted!!!!!!!!!!!!!Every adobe program i had and another one that doesnt belong to adobe wich is cfoss speed but who cares about that!!I cant make a new magazine untill i find a way to fix this shit!Ill install Photoshop CS2 again incase ill need to do some edits. F_CK YOU ADOBE!!!! 😡



  1. Yeah! Go ice!
    F*** Adobe!

  2. Nooooo! Really?
    That is freeking boring…
    In all that time you can play
    a tennis match or a soccer one 😛

    Keep cool,



  4. wtf? how dump is that shit? srry Ice

  5. almost the same shit happen to me but i got a virus i think adobe is evil i think rh owns adobe and hes ised when we send try to kill him lol jk but fuck adobe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. thats unlucky….

  7. Fuck adobe =|

  8. When you downloaded the pic in your last post it probably had a viris.

    Good luck with fixing it! lol


  9. i downloaded what ? u mean uploaded hte creepy one? it doesnt , i dont have a virus its just this laptop acts weird it has a mind of its own it deleted another 3 programs, i scanned it with eset online scanner and it didnt find any infections then i scanned with advanced spyware remover and again nothing then with eset smart secuirity wich came first on the best anti viruses of 2007

  10. ok?

  11. hi tac

  12. ok Ice? Then idk…hmmm…maybe the laptop it having a moment?

    It’s an attack! lol


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