Posted by: Lynne505 | February 1, 2008

Pin+Catalog+Rockhopper and more!!


First of all, the pin is in the Light House. It’s a Rowboat:

zz.jpg picture by eoonline

2nd of all, there is a new clothing catalog in the Gift Shop. I think the theme is water–dont you?

z.jpg picture by eoonline

This is the only NEW clothing catalog secret I found, it’s on the first page:

zzz.jpg picture by eoonline

Then theres a page for “On the Job”. Every Month CP chooses a new them. This Month’s is:

zzzz.jpg picture by eoonline

Plus, there are 2 new backgrounds. As always, 60 coins:

zzzzz.jpg picture by eoonline

And now, the Telescope. It shows Rockhopper. For some reason it looks like Rockhopper is coming back(to me). Plus, there’s bubbles. This might mean that the Ship is okay or something. lol

zzzzzz.jpg picture by eoonline

Last but not least. There’s a “Save the Migrater Project” booth at the beach. I, personaly, think the Migrater is ok.

zzzzzzz.jpg picture by eoonline

Oh, and. Sorry I couldn’t post about the newspaper yesterday. Click here for the SWF link to view it!



Plus, when you play. CP has a new interface. It’s really cool. Plus new wallpaper!!



  1. Yello Ice, can you add me to your blogroll? I’ll add you if you add me.

  2. Nice lynne! Thats nice to post for ice =)

  3. Thanks Mohd.

  4. I think the project is to fish his ship out the sea.

  5. i have the cutest avatar ever

  6. Holla!

    * Lynne – Best post ever 😉

    *Ice – LOL


  7. lol ag

  8. lol ice!
    Thanks Ag!


  9. He Ice! Check out my site. It has some important news of whats going on with me involving WordPress! Nothing, dramatic! *wink wink*

  10. No worries- passwords billybob-billybob123123 Rsnail-rocksnail Happy77-happyparty

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