Posted by: Asmodeus | January 27, 2008


No newspaper anymore now its a magazine!It acts like a real one and it can turn page like a real one 2!!!!You drag the pages not just click them, sorry for the others but its still alpha version 2, 1 more version and it will be published to public.I hope every alpha will be on msn tomorrow so they will get the link and the new pass for the page.DONT GIVE THE PASS TO ANYONE CAUSE I WILL LEARN WHO DID AND ILL CHANGE THE PASS AND REMOVE HIM.



  1. ok can i please be an alpha for this? please?

  2. WOW!! cool!!
    Keep it up!

  3. Howcan I be able to see the magazine? Do i have to be an admin on ur site? Thanx 4 answering…
    Uuummm you need to wait 1 more week so the last version of alpha gets published.Then wait 1 more week so i will publish beta 1 version.

  4. the alphas stay the same dude wait 2 more weeks. that means 1 more version and at the second week it will be beta 1

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