Posted by: Asmodeus | January 24, 2008

Taking a break from the blog

Well the title says everything.Wanna know y i am taking a break? Because now everyone is making a blog with a thought of becoming famous.Blogging has lost its fun thanks to them, if u think by making a blog you can get famous then think again because i know someone who has ablog for 10 months and he still has 1000 hits.I dont get as much views as i used to thanks to them too.This will be a 1 week break so i need one of my admins to post, i might even quit blogging after i come back , whats the point with all the noobs around now?

p.s heres the newspaper link :





  1. nice post

  2. am i one of them

  3. I agree Ice

  4. am i?

  5. man y r u guys asking the same question? i am not talking about some specific ppl i am talking generally

  6. i know if u r i remeber blogging was fun long time ago but now it suks 😦

  7. I tottaly agree with you Ice Drills. You had this blog for 8 months now and have about 30,000 hits. I had my blog for 6 1/2 months and have almost 100,000 hits. It’s not how many hits you have that make you famous. Most of the time people don’t even recanonize me on cp.

  8. yeah,
    everyone wants to be famous.

    Anyways:>>My internet is working!! That means i’ll be on MSN , Ice <<

  9. Wow, I really hate people like that.. Just make it so they can be popular.. Suck Ups.. 😛

    Noooo, Don’t quit blogging! You’re a great blogger! Well if you do decide to, atleast don’t quit MSN.. 😦

  10. U quit my blog good job u get mad so fast i think i have to shut it and not to talk to u for a day so u think about it..


  12. Lol Catagories – Kill Paintboy100. Good one! 😀

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