Posted by: Asmodeus | January 23, 2008

Rockhopper alive!

He is alive!(crap 😛 ) the following post is from mohds site because i am in a good mood to take pics

hola everyone! Well today i relized if you go to the beach you will find a new free item. Yes theres a free life jackets that relate with rockhopper’s crash so check this item out ;)


And if you check the telescope rockhopper’s ship is crashed and its lost in the sea xD




  1. Ohhh… he is still alive 😦 It seems that the iceberg i sent to him didn´t worked and the polar bear that i hired haven´t killed him ( i think that the bear was gay)
    Hi Ice! Cool post!!

    Keep cool,


  2. Plz dont say those things!!!Its like your shooting me whit a gun!!!

  3. Holla!

    I want too shoot him with a gun 😉 Dont take it personally Joao!


  4. lol ag

  5. lets shoot yarr….

  6. Really tell everyone to stop saying those things about rockhopper and ice who got everyone the black pirate badana like the 1 you have in your penguin and the red puffles that look like fire from hell?

  7. i didnt understand a thing u said but anyways lets kill rockhopper!” *shoots rockhopper* w00t head shot!

  8. Im saying that you have a cool oufit becuse of the black pirate badana that rockhopprt gave and the red puffles!!!

  9. rockhopper used to bring cool items but that was from the pirate party and back when july came even the clothing catalogs had crappy clothes CP BRINGS CRAPPY CLOTHES NOW AND EVEN OUR RARE OLD ITEMS LIKE WITH YOUR XMAS SCARF AND I KNOW U GOT MAD THAT THEY BROUGHT IT BACK!!!!!

  10. Im not mad becuse of that and I told cp to bring back old stuff.Also everthing will come back BUT NO PINS!!!

  11. And you will all quit cp but I wont (only when it ends)!!!I just like my penguin and I dont care about clothes its just funny and cool!!!! 😛

  12. You all just care about the clothes and you dont have a penguin heart!!!

  13. Hi Ice drills. Your site rocks!!!

    Im advertising my site on this comment. Here it is:

    Thanks! Jetfighter668

  14. storeguy wtf hes a robot of a fictional character so it desnt realy hurt to kill him

  15. don’t blame CP blame disney

  16. hmm

  17. hello! We are looking for 4 penguins to take part in my and rico000’s (probably) video! We will be a band, and you are invited to it! Please answer within the next 24 hours at!

  18. i cant believe that disney is trying to make us quit club penguin…

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