Posted by: Alex IV | January 17, 2008


HI guys

Vam here

Ok today came the new newspaper here is a pic


Here are the events: Yay the Winter Fiesta is coming

eventswgtsdgfdxfgbh.png  (click to enlarge)

Also there is a secret messege for agents. You can find it in Aunt Arctics Section: secretmwhahahahahaahahah.png


And the message in HQ changed:


Dance Water Dance

Ice Vampiro



  1. cool

  2. nice post and almost 30,000 for u ice =)

  3. yay!!!!!!

  4. Holla!

    Woop! Almost 30,000! Must keep refreshing….


  5. Wow! Yes you are near from the 30.000 i will help by clicking all the links i find to your page!
    I was joking ice drill with the thing of the plush! i know what you ment! lol

  6. hey ice whats up do you think you could make me a header with sch5 somewhere on it you really good at making headers!

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