Posted by: Alex IV | January 11, 2008

New Play + Week 2

Hey penguins

Ice Vam here.

Ok today the new play came here is the link The new clothes are ….. THEY BROUGH BACK ONE OF MY RARE ITEMS!!!!!!!! THE BLUE CAPE GRRRRR Here is the catalog link . Also, there is coming a new mission.

Here are the three new special moves: 3-new-moves.png

dance water dance

ice vampiro

Vam’s Update: Guys dont forget. Today started the second week of guess the pic. Start guessing.



  1. yeah!!!
    it is cool!!!!

  2. it’s REALLY cool!

  3. nice post =)

  4. hey Mohd!

  5. Just to tell you guys that Rocktroper got banned forever because someone hacked me.But now I use flamster101.
    And cool pics dude!

    ~Rocktroper a.k.a Flamster101~

  6. oh thats why fmalmester101 added me

  7. hey ice could you please make me a header?? plesae for the talledega site plz

  8. Holla!

    Nice post :mrgreen:


    P.S. Can I have the Camtasia thing, comment it on my site šŸ˜‰ Thanks!

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