Posted by: Asmodeus | January 3, 2008

Club Penguin MSN/YAHOO?

Yea yea yea yea i know it sounds weird but one of my friends gave me an email saying it was billybobs i didnt belive it at the start but that dude knew everything about club penguin well the email is and you can add him try it your self! 😉

omg its true his billybob i asked him my cp age and he got it right! 274 days omg
his site is
omg ask him 2 if u dont belive me!



  1. Sweet! =) I will! 🙂

    -Graser 10

  2. Until I get back, Waddle On

    The Forgotten Zune91994

    My site for more info 😦

  3. Hey Ice,
    do you post Cataloug Secrets??? Want to be CS Admin on my site( ONLY posts Cataloug secrets!!)
    I’ll be on msn and cp today! u?

  4. Hey
    i made a site with snowdobby i will still run my old site 😉
    My old :
    New :

    ~~~Ninja boy1~~~ comment on both plz

  5. Hey, I like your site. I’ll ADD YOUR SITE TO MY BLOG ROLL IF YOU ADD ME TO YOURS. My site ahs about 2,000 hits. My site has three cheats that only I know, comics, updates, and even PINBALL!!!!! My site is . Please add me!!! Please visit the site too.

  6. Fake, that bum’s a gay.

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