Posted by: Asmodeus | December 17, 2007

what an ***hole

Sorry about the title but an ***hole hacked me or one of the admins but thats impossible if u dont admit it ur all removed except from some ppl that i trust.If it was a hacker he must be a begginer or an idiot because he didnt remove me.When i learn who was it u will see hell with ur stupid eyes.Admit it now if u dont want anything to happen.



  1. omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why the hell is this happening to u :((((((((( go on msn dude! I feel so sad for u i know how sad it is 😥

  2. dude i said to ur site not tell me to log on msn i am at school

  3. im not an admin on ur site????!

  4. couldnt be me im not a part of this site although i wish i was well good luck

  5. i m sorry ice it was me :(i m so sorry to say this plz forgive me i didnt mean to do it but my friend came in to my house and did all this and i m so sorry its not my fault but ……….:(

  6. and the hacker was a begginer

  7. 😦

  8. i m just joking

  9. ok joking

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