Posted by: Asmodeus | December 17, 2007

Got the site back

I got the site back thnx to Mark from wordpress thank u dude!Recently i got hacked again and i got a comment from the hacker saying that he was doing it and that i will find dead body pieces of me around my house.Dont play smart guy to me dude i know ur and ur friends i.p address i’ve got my own u 2.



  1. wow they deleteda lot of ur posts going down like 4 posts it goes all the way back to when race guy quit 😦

  2. Hola!

    Well at least you got the site back. I know how it feels to have to re-start your whole site. Good luck Ice.

    >>FYLL =]

  3. sweet you got the site bak!!!!!!!

  4. phew… Welcome bak 😉 When u said deleted i was shocked!!!!!!!!!!! :S 😦

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