Posted by: Asmodeus | November 14, 2007

I am unbanned

I am unbanned…i think hitlars banned  me cause today while i was on dark drills he said i hat ice drills!!



  1. nice header

  2. Good to know you’re unbanned. I like the new header! I didn’t like the old one much.

  3. Dear ,Ice
    I am An admin on the site of I’ll never ask you for anything again (maybe I Won’t) But can you please add me and narniapengi to our site please help narnia and i in our time of need??
    You mean blogroll?

  4. good ur unbanned, i dunno if hitlars did weird!

  5. k thnx

  6. yes

  7. icedrilllllssssss !!!!!!!!!
    i really need ur help plz go to and make us a suitable header plz

  8. thanks

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