Posted by: hello im fly aka carlitofly aka ccollado aka carlos alberto carlito collado garciac junior | November 12, 2007

IM SO PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!

this really sux raceguy quit cause some a hole got him banned 2wice and the biggesr problem is that the only thing you guys in cp care about is famous famous famous famous everywhere i go i dont see the fun of cp or dating like i love cp for but i always see newbs saying im famous what and also icedrills quit cause his blog because people only visited the hacker paintboy100 sites the only reason he has alot of hits cause he hacked them SO PEOPLE PLEASE I BEG YOU PLEASE TAKE CP TO ITS ORIGINAL GLORY AND VISITED THES SITES AND MOST IMPORTANLY SONT BANNED PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ice Drills :

😀 Hmmmmm uuummmmmmmm eeemmmmm i dont know what to say wait…..i do!Paintboy sucks 😛
O come on know whats with that !!!


  1. race quit 😦

  2. :(:(

  3. the stats are only that low cus its a new day in wordpress time so it starts at zero at new day

  4. yea. lilguy574 is right, and Club Penguin is changing now, many penguins are hearing about famous penguins and stuff like that, i never knew famous penguins exsist until Yo2boy showed me Server frozen and said to me this is where famous penguins hang out, and when i met fever on September 15th I never thought he was famous, i never knew fame exist until Yo2boy told me

  5. i hate it when ppl do that stuff! when i first started CP there was no hackers, no ppl being all lovey dovey, none of that stuff! I JUST HATE IT! EVERYONE IS OBSESED WITH FAME AND WHAT NOT! UGGGHHHH!

  6. I think your soooo right. I was one going round saying that stuff but you changed me. THANKS SO MUCH!!!! EVERYONE LISTEN TO HIM!!!!

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