Posted by: Asmodeus | November 10, 2007

Dont ask y

If this wordpress will be deleted in less than 2 weeks dont ask y cause u know already…
i will make a bye bye pic with photoshop but i dont know when…if this means bye then bye

Y am i writing this like anyone reads…

On july everyone knew me now i am the forgotten a$$hole

hmmm what a surprise 5 online if i can pass my old record wich was 20 i will be havign a party… fgffgf.pngdgfdgdfgfdg1.jpg

thnx for ur support

p.s if anyone needs me i will be on msn

statics i wrote :
163 at 19:13 pm 194 at 19:57pm  213 at 20:07pm 230 at 20:49 pm 248 at 21:46 pm 300 at 22:42 pm
my time zone is gmt+2 hours
those r hits


  1. no comments , u should know it ur self!

  2. i read.

  3. i read all the time. Sometimes i dont get time to post on anyones blog. and i hardly get and posts or hits myself

  4. Holla!
    Don’t quit, dude!
    I knew you from July 2nd and I know you are not a giver-upper!

  5. u get over 600 hits per day i get 70-100

  6. u aint a forgotten a$$hole!
    u got a well good blog!
    y r they closin it?
    i dont no!
    Ice Drills comment:
    Yea i am a forgotten a$$hole on july when i said that i would quit i had 100 comments in 2 days now i dnt get 100 comments in 2 months!!!
    2 bad i deleted the post

  7. 😦 consider urself lucky ice at least you have like 16000 hits because i hardly have any! 70-100 hits a day would be good fr me 😦 dont quit


  8. i get like 70 per day not even 70 like 50. or 10 😦

  9. yeh but my wordpress was created on 20 june u just created it 1 or 2 months ago its different

  10. i created mine at like the beggining of july and look at your hits compared to mine. dont take things for granted! i would kill to have the amount of hits u have!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. are just up and quitting? Man, that doesn’t seem like you at all! Please don’t quit, you’ve been a very good friend to me!

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