Posted by: Asmodeus | November 8, 2007

New header again

I just finished my new header and this time i want u to choose wich one u like the best well here it is Ice Drills VS Dark Drills!!

p.s The competition will end on wedensday!!So dont stop voting!



  1. Holla!
    Ilike the second one better, It has more to do with CP.
    For the more thing.
    When writing a post, you know the bar at the top (With Bold, Italics etc) along you will see an icon like…

    Click that and it will make a more line through the post!

  2. ok thnx

  3. yea the second one 😉 its cool


  4. i love the first one! the pictures are more detailed but the second one has more to do with club penguin!

  5. love the 2 one, plus the first one is a lil inappropreite for wordpress her top provate area is hanging out a little.

  6. 1st one is better it is just plain AWESOME!!!!!!!

  7. The one yesturday! It has to do more with cP!

  8. the first one

  9. first one lol

  10. Eh.. the second one! Sry, Im not logged in… yet.

  11. Sorry Ice drills, lol ^ The “swallow me” comment was something that I was testing. You see, I found this guy’s password on his site, swallowme.wordpress!

    But nah, he’s my friend. So he let me try it, but he’s evil at the same time.. oh wait, brb dinner..

    I think you should keep the 2nd one. It’s the best outta both.

  12. Woa, I think you should stick with the first one. Not to mention Pendo is right-one of the girls has cleavage showing that isn’t very appropriate.

  13. 2nd

  14. oops, I mean the 2nd one-CP.

  15. Hey!
    I luve the 2ND ONE!
    I think you should use that 1!

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