Posted by: Asmodeus | November 6, 2007

New header

I made a new header do u like it? I know its blurry but whenever u upload a header it saves it automaticly as jpg even if u saved it as png blame wordpress for that 😀 . Give me a rate from 1-10



  1. Heya, sweet meatballs! I love the colors together, and I love the words. You’re right-it is blurry, but it can’t be helped. I totally give it an 9!! 😉

  2. there meatballs? i dont what the heck is it i jsut liked the layer and used it

  3. wow :O thats really good 10

  4. My sis (Narniapengi) meant swedish meatballs. It means SWEET or WOW. lol!!!

  5. wow ur header pwns all headers 10 =)

  6. Cool! 8/10! Hey Ice, when are you online on MSN? I gotta ask you something… but I dunno whether I should email you or not.. 😦


  7. Yeah, that’s what I meant, lol

  8. dude…ur header is like, wicked!
    its so freakin awesome!
    I’d give it a 20/10!
    what program do u use?and what font is that?
    dude..ur fonts are really cool.
    where do u get em?
    check out my header if you want.
    ~Azu and Demon~

  9. i used photoshop cs3 but i forgot the font’s name

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