Posted by: hello im fly aka carlitofly aka ccollado aka carlos alberto carlito collado garciac junior | November 5, 2007

new business

i have a new business.that give you 50000 coins just email me at this is not a spam or a joke i just want to be famous email me you user and paswrod my dad is a mohdorator



  1. I not trying to be mean, but no one is probably going to trust you. Besides, why would anyone give you thier password?

  2. lol dont ask me ask carlito

  3. Hehe, so you don’t know anything about this? 😉

  4. no carlito doesnt do stupid stuff like bann others but i still wont give him my pass for 2 reasons i have the program and whenever i try to use it it says error cause my pass is over 50 digits 😀 so i always change my pass so i can use it

  5. *rubs ears* uh, did you say over “50” digits?!/?1/1?/!?1/1!?

  6. i have a coin biz and like 20 customers including icedrills editors comment lol

  7. ok people i look stupid doin this i suck ok i will only do it for the closest friends if you want ill doit i just want people to reconise me

  8. 😉 Thanks for the offer, I really appreciate it, but I’d rather not.

  9. hey narniapengi

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