Posted by: Asmodeus | October 27, 2007

The collision of the clues!

When the summer kick off party started a new screen appeared on the HQ then on october 2 ninja shadows appeared later like 2 weeks the shadows disappeared and now a new mission!Maybe its a ninja mission!!!!

p.s!! cp said that a secret room will let as become a ninja for that the new screen takes place on the collision of the clues!



  1. hiya ice drills!
    ps: do u speak greek?
    Ice comment:
    UUUUm yes y?

  2. also can u add me on ur blogroll? ill add ur site on mines
    Ummmm ok i will do it now!

  3. thnx

  4. cool, i was thinking of the ninja shadows, and i also heard that ninjas would come in november,
    so I guess your theory makes sense but what about the white fur that you find in the last 2 missions???
    hmmm…… i have no idea….

  5. maybe a ninja with a white puffle 😛

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