Posted by: Asmodeus | October 13, 2007

Sorry its kinda late

Well sorry its kinda late but whenever i clicked publish i was loosing my connection.Well i i wont upload pics for one reason i dont have them and club penguin wont load :D.The pin is a hairbrush and its in the pet shop.
these are the hairstlyes that were added!


  • disco
  • Rocker
  • sportster
  • funnster
  • Spikester
  • beekepeer taken from mohd222.
  • and heres teh new post cards again taken from mohd222
    happy-halloween-post-card.jpgtrick or treat?


    Thnx mohd for letting me barrow some stuff from his wordpress

    The thing i do for u guys is unbelievable! :mrgreen: 😉
    omg i almost forgot heres the new smiley its awesome great for using it after a favor!


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