Posted by: Asmodeus | October 7, 2007

Thnx allot guys!

I never hacked aguairs site, i am not a hacker, i dont know how to hack but everyone says i hacked aguairs blog from the time all the clues points to shakan he said he was jealous, he was acting weird lately, he said stupid stuff about me and his the only one that started hating me lately.Ppl listens and do whatever aguair says like his someone special! Ali23 called me an idiot cause he read aguairs post about me.But he ignored the others that shakan gets involved 2.He just blames others except his friends.I want u to tell me who u think it is me or shakan?If u dont believe that i didnt hack aguairs blog ask mohd cause he told me that he was hacked.I am not someone stupid to get swore at.Well i rest my case. 😉 Tell me what do u thinkand say y do u think that.



  1. Holla!
    I think it was Shakan.

  2. Icedrills, On Ag’s site I was not blaming the hacking on you, I thought someone hacked you. But I forgot you can change the author of the post. Sorry if you though i was blaming it on you.

  3. Yo,

    I don’t think you would do such a thing. And I DO NOT believe that you hacked. I mean, why would you? You’re a great friend to me, and I will never believe anyone who says that you have hacked someone. That’s impossible.

  4. you are not the hacker!!! ur not the hacker because
    1. You were talking with me and mohd that time
    2. Shakan says all the time that he sucks so i think he is jealous
    3. You are not a hacker
    and that is all

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