Posted by: Asmodeus | October 4, 2007

Vote for me!

Hey pls vote for ice drills on the following link pls guys pls pls pls pls pls thnx!
Ice Drills
😛 Chill or Suffer :p
The thing i do for u guys is unbelievable :mrgreen: 😉



  1. sure =) lol!

  2. not fair =) lol dude u r cheating!:)
    I asked mohd and he said we can

  3. mohd said i can advertise

  4. ya ill vote for ya and the the whole quit thing was just to tet all of ya just thinkin about it. 🙂 Nasty prnk just busy and wanted to see if ya guys forgot I was ever here.

  5. ok! lol thnx

  6. ok looks like your now tied with ice vampero

  7. lol

  8. icedrills you on?

  9. are ya?

  10. yeaaaaaaaaaaa

  11. cool

  12. hi blue

  13. hi hows it been

  14. i am bored lets chat on random page

  15. ok meebo?

  16. ok i will try

  17. k

  18. it says that there isnt a room with that name lol

  19. ya

  20. try going on

  21. lol hey bluegenius awesome ur not quiting i really wanna be ur friend , u sound kind and cool =)

  22. ok i will sent u a link

  23. mohd222

  24. wait its loading

  25. scary mohds on too!

  26. blue i am there come on

  27. i am on ur meebo waiting for u

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