Posted by: Alex IV | September 28, 2007


Hi i am the new admin. I delete my wordpress ( I am here to make for you pixel penguin and ninja pixel penguin©®ninja.JPG Here is my picturemeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.JPG

dance water dance

ice vampiro

p.s. The true ninja pixel penguin colors are much better.



  1. welcome ice vampiro, u will do well =)!

  2. thank you mohd

  3. Ice Drills:

    Heres my friend code:

    Name: Nick

    4983 2820 7407

  4. of diamond

  5. ok i added u

  6. OK now lets think Me(bluegenius,) ummmmmmm Aguair, Ice Vampero Hmmm anyone else?

  7. o My beutiful picture is back!!

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