Posted by: Aguair | August 15, 2007

Vital Viper and Kornareso!

 Yay! Vital Viper was back and I met him! Also, Kornareso is back, but I couldn’t get a Picture!  Here’s proof! (Im shouting Hi viper!)



  1. is korn as famous as vital. Introduce me to vital and ive meet papercuter but tell him to add me cuz i meet him and know him but hes not my buddy
    Umm, Kornareso knows Paintboy100, and has half a million views on his site. But he wasn’t as crowded as Viper. I dunno Viper as a friend, bu UI shoulted.

  2. one more thing my playist only plays when you go down to it then it shows up and starts playing.

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