Posted by: Asmodeus | July 5, 2007

Waddle world

Theres a new game like cp but billybob is shure 90% clubpenguin will get sold to sony so billybob and other people like me and alot of other people are getting ideas for beta items graphics and more!!!!! If you wanna work for waddle world and send Ideas till the Clubpenguin chat game typ called Waddle world comes out in like a week

Go to

chill out,

ice drills

(this post is taken from 

p.s go there fast and be a beta before all the spots are taken cause the beta item is a ninja outfit



  1. how do youplay that game? i signed up but i cant play

  2. its not done yet i know the beta site but it says that “no existing username and password” cause the game isnt finished yet

  3. but lke club penguin had the game released for the beta testers before the game was released to play and check for errors. when it is released will it be for the betas first cause i am one.

  4. oh and if you still ant a pixel penguin go to and type in pixel penguins

  5. the beta test is still beta testing so beta testers wont find any weird thing e.g half building in the right side and the other half on the other side 😆

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