Posted by: Asmodeus | June 29, 2007

Two new sections at surfing

surf-mania.jpgCool this is how we will die,theres a tiny ice berg behind me!!(survival cool woo hoo!)

lessons.jpgIf u want to practise say i do!!!What no answer?!?!?lol(practise yawn)

p.s rockhopper left u can see him from the telescope

2p.s my highest score is 1045 coins whats urs?(at the survival is even easier to get coins)

chill out,

ice drills



  1. i think that competion is easyiest to get coins

  2. Cool Site. :8

  3. I meant 8)
    Moderators comment:

  4. woo hoo! lol i found you, thought you might want to meet me any one else wanna meet me il be at mammoth or frozen allot sofar iv found 3 people who have posted on my site and im buddies whith them!

    stay cool and slide down to

    from slidey123456

  5. my score is 1000. You are better

  6. Ice Drills I am going away soon and I want you and Lilguy to run WCCM while I am back.Also if you could can you post information on you’re site I am going to have a post leading to you’re site for updates on WCCM.
    Over and Out,
    P.S. Ill make a post telling you that I am gone so dont start right away
    Moderators comment:
    I will try my best!

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